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Small Business Consulting Services

  • Strategic Planning – If you struggle with planning, we can help. We can assist with the writing of the plan document, with the implementation of the plan, and we can help monitor the plan to make sure it stays on track.


  • Organizational Structure – Over time, the way a business is organized needs to change. The way a business was structured at one stage of its development may not be appropriate for the next stage. We will work with you to assess what parts of your current organizational structure need to change, and help you implement those changes in a way that is minimally disruptive to your operation.


  • Sales Analysis – Sometimes, due to seasonal fluctuations or to unforeseen spikes or dips in sales, it can be difficult to see what the real sales trend is. We use a system of 12-month trailing averages to help you see clearly where your sales are trending. We also help you determine which customers are profitable and which are not. And we examine your product lines or services looking for any that are not contributing what they should to your bottom line.


  • Cost Containment – Runaway costs will bring a business to its knees more quickly than anything else. We help you to carefully monitor your costs and to develop strategies to keep them under control.


  • Operational Improvement – Just as a business may need to adjust its organizational structure from time to time, it may also need to adjust its operational model. If a company is growing, or if there have been significant changes in its marketplace, the way it produces its products or delivers its services may have to change. We can help you design an operating model that makes sense, and help you implement it.

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