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  • Getting the Most from Financial Statements – We can review your financial statements with you each month, making sure you understand the information that is there, and suggesting actions you should take based on that information.


  • Communicating Effectively – It’s essential in business to communicate effectively with all your stakeholders . . . not only with employees, but with customers and suppliers as well.  Whether the communications are written or oral, we can help craft them to insure they are clear, concise, and carry the exact meaning you intend.


  • Improved Decision-Making – Making a good decision is a process, not an event, and the process should be thoughtful, not reactive.  We help you make better decisions with a process that includes careful fact-finding, analyzing the data, clearly understanding the alternative actions that are available, and implementing the chosen course of action.


  • Leadership – It’s the business of getting people to work together toward a common goal because they want to, not because they have to.  If your employees are not marching in the same direction to the beat of the same drum . . . if there is confusion about the company’s direction or disagreement about it . . . we can assess where leadership may be breaking down and guide you in ways to improve it.


  • Accountability – Small business leaders are generally pretty good at holding their employees accountable for accomplishing the things they’re expected to do, but who holds the leader accountable?  Who provides the nudge when the leader is falling behind his own goals?  We can be your conscience to help you stay on track to achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


  • Developing Key Performance Indicators – While good financial statements are essential, the information in them is five or six weeks old by the time you see it.  So you need other guideposts that can tell you how key parts of the business are performing, allowing you to take swift corrective action when something starts to go wrong.  We can assist you by designing a “dashboard” for you business that will give you timely, actionable information so you can guide the business day-by-day and week-by-week.

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